Make the Most Out Of Your Budget

Want to free up existing capital within your budget to fund other initiatives? Our spend analysis provides a comprehensive assessment of your spend data. Our tools and expertise help you develop sourcing strategies that meet your needs.

Improve Customer Experience

Enhance Competitive Advantage

Optimize Operational Efficiency

Here's how it works:


Collect Data

Our team of experts collects and reviews
your AP, invoice, P-card, and general ledger data.


Analyze Data

We analyze your data to identify overlaps, gaps,
and errors to get a clearer picture of your spend.


Categorize Data

Then, we categorize your spending
to identify savings opportunities.


Strategize Together

We work with you to define and select
sourcing opportunities.

"Companies experience 20 to 30% Annual Contract Value (ACV) erosion while allocating 80% of their resources to transactional and operational activities.”

– Alsbridge

Strategic Acquisition Solutions is a trusted, results-driven company with a proven track record of success. Our spend analysis helps you achieve the following, so you can begin spending better:

  • Understand Spend Data
  • Gain Detailed Spend Insight
  • Categorize Spending
  • Identify Spend Patterns
  • Prioritize Sourcing Opportunities

While we pride ourselves on a collaborative approach, our spend analysis requires minimal input from your team. Once we receive your spend data, our experts get to work! They will then provide you with a comprehensive report and actionable sourcing strategies.

Are you ready to get started?